Ethiopian Premium Coffee

Auro Premium Coffees brings the most premium and rich coffee beans from Ethiopia to Abu Dhabi. Our coffee beans are planted and harvested in the traditional organic way without the addition of fertilizers and depending only on rain water, packed and ready to be enjoyed at the comfort of your home, suitable for all coffee applications.

Auro at COP28 UAE

Auro Premium Coffees was honored to represent the premium coffee products of Ethiopia at COP28 UAE in 2023. Our coffee beans proved it's quality and taste among leaders and head of International Organizations

Auro Coffee Business Solutions

Coffee is essential at work, increasing focus and productivity and loved as a drink by many employees in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Auro Premium Coffees has a line of business solutions for companies to get their own coffee beans supplied along with coffee machines in Abu Dhabi and Dubai or even your own barista at your UAE offices.

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Auro Wholesale Coffee Supplier

Auro Premium Coffee Beans have proven their quality in Abu Dhabi's market, consistent and available, whether you are looking for green coffee beans or roasted coffee beans, contact us and we will match your requirement in the UAE.

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  • Auro Cafe at Souq Al Mina

    Find Auro Cafe at Souq Al Mina - Abu Dhabi and enjoy our premium coffee prepared freshly along with your favorite meal or dessert

  • Auro Cafe at Warehouse 421

    Enjoy your coffee in a quiet place surrounded by art pieces shown all over the Warehouse 421 Art Center in Abu Dhabi